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Energy Healing and the Heart Chakra

Energy Healing & The Heart Chakra

Have you been feeling closed off, lonely, resentful, or broken-hearted? Bringing energy to your heart chakra helps you to connect to pure, unconditional love and will tune you into resilience, compassion, and generosity of spirit. This is key in order to experience the beauty of life, to see and feel the love and goodness radiating…

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Collective Oracle Reading for November 2022

Collective Reading – November 2022

The overall arching energies from the Starseed Oracle. Massive spiritual awakenings are taking place within the collective. It is the time to activate and integrate all of the new learnings. Awakenings aren't easy, to say the least. They can be the hardest times, and may trigger some to experience a dark night of the soul.…
Healing with Joy: Connecting with your Inner Child

Healing With Joy: Connect With Your Inner Child

Remember, this is all a play. “The inner child within you never dies. It can just become obedient with time.” - Unknown Healing, meditation, spirituality, and life in general doesn’t have to be serious, heavy, and/or rigid. In fact, healing can be fun and playful too. Think of the Laughing Buddha. Don’t get me wrong,…