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Ahhh…. the summer months are here! What a perfect time to switch up your crystals and add some more sunshiny sparkles in your life! Gemini to Cancer season, I see golden hues, lucky yellows, rich oranges and grounding reds. And while we’re at it, lets build a crystal grid for summer solstice! This is the first day of summer and the longest day of the year with the most daylight. Yes, that’s what I was thinking …gimme the highest vibes possible please!

Grids are amazing and I love building them intuitively. There is no right or wrong way to build one, yet you can follow the natural geometric patterns and many different types of grids to manifest numerous energies into your experience. I love them because you can amplify the energy that you are manifesting towards yourself by setting up an intentional and powerful grid.

First let’s talk about crystals for June

Yellow crystals represent power to solidify new interests and relationships. They help us to see the new and how to become enlightened. They enhance clarity towards your thoughts. They can add some zest and optimism to our lives, relationships and ideas. Yellow sapphires and citrines in grids are designed for success in new adventures, new efforts and new quests. New beginnings are what each equinox and solstices are about, that help us to focus on our energies toward all the newness. They are excellent for bringing the universal life force into our home. Use light yellow crystals for communication within the home and light turquoise to enhance understanding. Good for organization skills. Focus on efforts and bring order to your life.

The Sun nourishes the body and soul. Golden topaz gives the energy of zest for what life offers and the true colours of the kings, Queens, riches and the sun. They bring enthusiasm and excitement which makes life a wonderful adventure. Do you agree? Gold is magical and the highest frequency of protection. Feel rich, secure and successful; this will help focus on the grid’s success. It enriches the spirit, warms us like yellow, and cheers us like orange. It is the high color, the crown of life, it is all life, growing and reaching its peak. Gold is exuberance. It is brilliant sometimes blinding.

Some more top picks for June crystals: Orange Kyanite, Calcite, Orange Triplite, Sunstone, Golden Yellow Apatite or Peach Aventurine, Moonstone, Tourmaline, Carnelian, Tigers Eye, Peridot, and Red Jasper.

I choose to work with the Success Crystal Grid for this month, it is a spiral which is a natural design of ever-expanding knowledge.

Successful energy is something we all strive for. Having success means you’ve done your job well in life. This grid will aid you greatly in becoming successful. Whether it is in love, family, business, or dreams. This grid will bring in energies to help you achieve it.

  • Place on a wooden surface in your home or business wherever you would like to enhance success in your life.
  • Place a peridot as the focus stone for determination – it brings in the energies of awakening, exuberance and independence with its natural olive rays. Deep wisdom & understanding the natural universe.
  • Then place a dozen orange or red stones with either red jasper or carnelian stones spaced to fill half the spiral for fiery action.
  • Place any golden yellow crystal, I like citrine or tiger’s eye for the desire stones to fill the spiral with confidence, satisfaction and power.

Feel into the energy and open up to positivity and visualize what you will gain before you, with gratitude in your heart, always.

Success means having the courage, the determination, and the will to become the person you were meant to be. – George Sheehan

There you have it, crystallizing your life to the fullest.  Now feel into all the abundance beaming in with the summer rays… ahhhh!


Excerpts from “Crystal Grids” by Henry M. Mason & Brittani Petrofsky