Coldest month of the year?

Winter blues? No thanks.

We’re doing things different this year. 

We’re getting cozy in one of Toronto’s BEST hotels, drinking the most nourishing juices, doing water rituals at my favourite transformative hangout-


and coming together to release and ground into relaxation with breathwork, sound bath, reiki and meditation.


Check in and walk out feeling like one of my shiny disco balls. Seriously. It’s THAT good.

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Just you me and a few new friends tucked away in a luxury hotel for a total rejuvenation for the mind, body & soul

Yep that’s right we’re doing a stay-treat babes

I know you don’t have time to travel all the way to a new country just to relax.

Let’s do it in our own city instead


We’re talking luxury digs, cold plunges, a chakra attuned juice cleanse and so, so much more!  

Think of it as an energetic reset-

for the mind, body and soul to deepen the connection to the higher self & highest path.

So, what are we up to?

We cannot wait for you to step into this luxurious + earthy FUN vibe with us! 


You can expect a channeled message for your highest-self to guide you to your highest timeline as you embark on this journey with me as well as-


Just For You

Post Retreat

High Heart Facial

Cold Plunge and Sauna

Experience at Othership

Relaxing Sound Bath

Meditation + Breathwork

Delicious Juices

The Timeline

Our day will begin at 12pm in our specially selected tranquil suite located in Toronto’s beautiful 1 Hotel with majestic views of the city. 


After a warm welcome hug and glowing juice we will  head out in style to Othership for a guided hot sauna & cold plunge experience where we will rejuvenate our bodies and reset our nervous systems!


After we’ve all let out a collective much needed sigh of relief in the warm sauna we will head back to our cocoon. We’ll enjoy more handpicked organic cold-pressed juice elixirs and the real relaxing will begin. 


We will dive deep into a full chakra reset with paired juices, energizing breathwork & a reiki meditation to release, activate and heal the 7 main chakras and energy body. This will be followed by a soothing sound healing bath for relaxation and deep cellular healing. Watch our winter blues melt away. 

Energy With Julie with crystals surrounding crown chakra for energy healing
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Where We will play


Choosing 1 Hotel is close to my heart – to the way that they mix luxury, with the most natural beauty of real plants & an almost jungle like vibe…


It feels like you are stepping into a spa all the way from arrival to when you step into your zen like room. 


I want everyone I know to experience these real feel good vibes, & to have a deeper connection to mother nature in these colder winter months where we can’t spend much time outdoors.


Let’s kick back, relax and open up to our best selves, enjoy and have fun in our very own beautiful city.


I believe everyone should enjoy & experience luxurious moments more in these stressful times.



This is a loving and exciting invite to my new local weekly getaway!


A hot sauna, cold plunge excursion is my current go to hang…


Why?  Well, not only that it’s a truly transformational experience within your mind, bod & soul, you get to dive deep into your true authentic self through extreme temperatures to shift & release energetic attachments, negativities, stress, emotions, worry or tension anything that can lower your vibe, or to simply be, have fun and raise your vibe.  


A nervous system reboot, that clinical studies have shown.  I leave feeling; more connected to myself and  others, made room for new energy, inspired & clear action thinking, a reset, stronger, happier and feel supported in a community.  It literally gives me life; to say the least.

Your investment in you

Think of this day as a full day of self-care with Energy with Julie!

Not only will you be receiving a full day with Julie. We will be taking part in a beautifully guided experience at Othership.

This followed by a heart opening juice cleanse focused on all 7 chakras combined with a sound healing journey plus goodies and a bonus High Heart facial you’re going to love!

The total savings of booking all these together is $650.00

Payment plan $296   x3

Retreat cost $888


Actual Cost per person $1,538

Total savings of $650.00

✔️  A soothing sound bath experience

✔️  Grounding meditation

✔️  Breathwork workshop 

✔️  Hot sauna and/or cold plunge 

✔️  (Optional) Chakra juice cleanse x8

✔️  Light snacks 

✔️  Reiki energy healing 

✔️  Transportation from hotel 

✔️  Day at the 1 Hotel Toronto

✔️  Take home goodies 

✔️  A chance to win a Skin Portal giftset

✔️  Higher Heart Facial (after the event)

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** After booking if you’d like to make this a weekend staycation complete with a Saturday night stay at the luxurious 1 Hotel we’ll handle this for you please reply to your confirmation email


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I know you want to try or already LOVE my facials so I couldn’t resist making a special High Heart Facial just for you. 

Now as you can imagine, the perfect facial takes time and my full attention so I’m gifting you 1 High Heart Facial to be booked when it suits you best and delivered at the Energy with Julie Studio.

Worth $200

Meet Julie


your retreat host

Known for her magnetic warmth she is a certified Reiki Master, Teacher, Sound and Energy Practitioner and Spiritual Mentor. Channeled through to her energy healing therapy sessions and tarot readings – She applies her psychic and clairvoyant gifts,  which many have found beneficial or transformational in their lives.
She is also a certified as skin care specialist with over a decade experience in the beauty industry and proud PCA SKIN product line provider in Toronto.

Past experiences with Julie

I found Julie at a time when I was feeling incredibly low and was looking for something to help me feel better. I ended up doing a search for a reiki practitioner and based on reviews, booked my first session with Julie. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when I walked into the room, but she has an energy and calmness about her that made me start to relax. After the first session, I started to feel better. By my next session, I wasn’t hunched over anymore and after a few more, I’ve had people comment that something had changed.

She is honestly a gifted energy healer and I doubt I could have done anything better for myself than visiting her. She has such a generous spirit and made me feel at home and like I was treasured friend. I’ve been raving about reiki since working with Julie because she had that much of an impact on my life. Thank you!

Sarah A.

A Life-Altering Journey with an Exceptional Reiki Practitioner!!!

Under the expert guidance of Julie. I embarked on a path of self-discovery, rejuvenation, and profound energetic healing that left a mark on my soul. From the very first moment I met Julie, she exuded a sense of serenity and authenticity that immediately resonated with me, making me feel relaxed and at home.

Throughout our sessions, Julie skillfully combined her Reiki training with an intuitive understanding of my unique needs and energy. Her gentle touch, coupled with her profound ability to channel healing energy, created an experience beyond words. Each session with Julie became a sacred space for me to release emotional blocks, deep-seated pain, and negative energies that had weighed me down for far too long!

Thank you!!!

Nicole B

I had the opportunity to join a group of ladies for a summer solstice event hosted by Julie. The event consisted of reiki, guided meditation, card reading, and healing sound bath. The attention to detail was impeccable. The space she had set up for us was beautifully decorated, refreshments were provided, ceremonial cacao, lavender and hibiscus lemonades, and a fruit bowl at the end of the event.


This event was one of highlights of my summer. I had the privilege of meeting some amazing women who all shared their stories and helped each other through our healing journey. Julie did an incredible job with the reiki and sound bath, there wasn’t a dry eye in the group after the session.

I hope to participate in upcoming group events as they help us remember how connected we are to each other. Thank you for hosting such a beautiful event and a safe space for us to come together.

Adrienn B

What do I need to bring to this stay-treat?



  • You will need a bathing suit for the sauna and cold plunges. Towels are provided at Othership. 
  • There will be showers after the sauna, so bring a toiletry bag of all your after shower care if you prefer to use your own. Ex: hairbrush, moisturizers, serums & hair care.
  •  If you have a favorite yoga mat or favourite pillow for the meditations & sound bath feel free to bring this with you. Blankets & extra pillows will be provided to make sure that you are comfortable.
  • Still & sparkling water will be provided, Water bottles are always a good idea but there will be glasses available too.
What is the dress code?
  • We will be spending time in meditation & sound baths so please wear whatever you are most comfortable in. Bring warm layers as we will be leaving the hotel to go to Othership for a sauna and cold plunge. (If you feel like adding some sparkle into your outfit, that is ALWAYS welcome!)


What do I need to do to prepare for the day?

Get a good rest the night before, this will be a heart-opening cleansing day so a good sleep the night before & lots of hydration. Bring an open mind & heart to fully receive this beautiful day. And a lil reminder.. Receive, Receive.. Receive.


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