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Client Reviews

See what some of my clients have to say about their experiences. I welcome all feedback and testimonials. Feel free to share your review by clicking the Google link below.



Energy Therapy Reviews

Reiki Healing

Aurélia, Sweden

Online Reiki

I have worked with Julie through online reiki/energy sessions and have been 
incredibly grateful for the treatments she has provided.

Julie has an amazing gift - her presence brings instant calm and a general sense 
of well-being. After an energy session with her, you will feel completely rebalanced - she treats you on all dimensions of your being (physical, mental, emotional & 
spiritual). She will work intuitively with what you need and her treatments will leave you feeling 
relaxed, energized, realigned and at peace.

In a world that is in such need of our light, I can only highly recommend and support 
people such as Julie, who help us access and bring forth the light we hold within. Thank you.

Phil R

A few months ago I had the pleasure of starting my Reiki sound therapy and also raise my frequency energy, and more. Julie provided the most relaxing and personalized experience. Her calming spirit paired with her knowledge of reiki and therapy made me feel very comfortable.

She has great knowledge. Looking forward to many more services with Julie ✨


What a truly wonderful and energetic experience with Julie!! This was my first time having a reiki treatment and I’m still pleasantly surprised! As a skeptic I was not sure what to expect…but I’m completely pleasantly surprised by how serene and light I felt after my session.

The vortex of energy I felt around my feet felt wonderful and I literally felt bad energizes moving out thru my feet. The sound bath bowls definitely elevated the experience!! Highly recommend Julie!


Natalie G

I have had reiki sessions, reiki facial, sound healing and reiki level one training with Julie. Having received reiki from Julie, and having such amazing results of feeling so centered and clear it made we want to learn and practice reiki as it is such an amazing experience.

Julie is truly gifted and I highly recommend her services.


I am somewhat new to the world of Reiki and healing energy and wellness in general, and when you don’t know where else to turn for resolution, you put faith in a higher power. That’s when I made an appointment with Julie for a Reiki session.

I’ve followed Julie’s journey through her social media for a while and finally decided to gift myself a session. Am I ever glad I did! She made me extremely comfortable right from my first inquiry, and throughout my session, and even all the times I reached out with follow up questions.

Her knowledge and expertise continue to give me total confidence. Her ability to tailor each session to be personalized for my concerns makes me trust her wholeheartedly. Do yourself a favour and book an experience with her!


I LOVE Reiki sessions with Energy With Julie. I always walk away feeling aligned and euphoric!

The opening and closing with sound baths is such a gift and heightens the beautiful experience.


Consistent Reiki

We had Julie in our home to do reiki on our daughter to help with her seizures. Our daughter has a rare gene mutation called Dravet syndrome.

Julie entered as a bright light in our lives. Our daughter was extremely comfortable around Julie and Julie took her time with her, even bringing crystals our daughter could hold as something sensory for her.

Julie has given us such valuable information about our daughter she has learned and our daughter has benefited as well. Julie goes above and beyond and guides, cares and is with you the whole way.


I have been receiving Reiki treatments with Julie for about a year now and the changes I have seen have been nothing short of amazing.

She has assisted me in identifying areas where I hold tension and how it impacts my body. I always feel great after each session and learn something new each visit. I highly recommend Julie for Reiki, and facials as well! She has been an integral part of my spiritual and self-love journey.


Alana R

When you need to feel aligned, energized and cared for, see Julie! A wonderful healer and human, Julie is one of my most trusted practitioners and I always look forward to our transformational sessions. Highly recommend booking with Julie!


During the craziness we are all experiencing collectively in 2020, I had a really hard time dealing with physical and emotional turmoil. I was feeling everything crashing down around me.

My reiki sessions with Julie were heart-opening, it made me feel relieved and at peace with myself for the first time in a long time.

Julie is an amazing healer and a master at her craft. After my sessions with Julie I leave feeling more calm, more in tune with my body, mind and soul. I feel lighter in energy, like everything I was carrying was taken away. Julie’s reiki sessions have helped me deal with stress, anxiety and my overall well-being. I am so grateful for her and the work that she does.


Rachel D

Being an individual that never typically sought out reiki treatments, I am officially a fan.

Julie has not only educated me on her practice and what the benefits are, but the energy she exudes is unlike no other person I’ve ever met. After each treatment I leave feeling refreshed, grounded and centred.


Since I started my Reiki sessions with Julie, she has helped me transition and transform my mind, body and soul to a whole new level.

I felt an outer-body experience and when she places the different crystals on my chakras, it takes on a whole new experience. I experienced seeing different colours and felt the energy flow throughout my entire body.

When we talk about my experience after my sessions, she is so in tune to my body and my energy and helps me to be my best self.

I feel more clarity after my sessions and less tension where she worked on specific areas of my body. I feel like Julie resets me and balances my energy and body in a way that allows me to keep bettering myself and my journey. The relaxation I experience is beautiful!


Energy Therapy Reviews

Reiki Certification

Julie has taught me Second Degree Reiki & Group Reiki. Getting to know Julie and working with her has been such a positively impactful journey and experience. Her energy is radiant and gets me so excited to take the next step to level up. She makes learning fun and easy to understand, always encouraging me to ask questions and providing clarification.

She sees my potential and she makes it known by cheering me on and acknowledging all the goodness I am creating. She told me after completing Second Degree Reiki and receiving the attunement, I would feel like a different person and she was absolutely right! I felt different, I felt inspired, I felt ready to step in as the Healer I knew I was destined to be. I started my own Reiki practice after that!

Julie has encouraged me and supported me the whole way. Words truly cannot express how thankful I am for this kind, loving woman. I am so grateful our paths crossed and we get to grow together and help make this world a better place.


I walked into my first Reiki session with Julie feeling burnt out and tense, not knowing what to expect. I had never tried Reiki before but a friend recommended it and I was curious. I left my first session with Julie on a whole other level. My entire being felt so relaxed and connected and just this incredible sense of oneness. And that feeling has never went away... in the months following my first treatment, I have experienced a profound shift in the way I approach life. Reiki with Julie is life altering and very empowering.

I loved my experience so much that I signed up to be her student. I have studied Reiki Level 1 and 2 with Julie.

She is a kind, patient, inspiring teacher and guide. I am so grateful to have found her!


Energy Therapy Reviews



I have been having consistent Reiki and Sound sessions with Julie for a little more than 6 months now. I have to say – without Julie’s expertise, guidance, and various healing techniques such as angelic channeling (with her spirit team and angels) as well as sound therapy – I would not be as far in my healing/meditative journey without her.

Personally, I have released a lot of pain, sadness, grief, and anger thanks to Julie. Julie will tailor your practice based on your goals, journey, enlightenment, and meditative goals throughout your experience with her services and coaching.

Julie is professional, knowledgeable, kind, and extremely skilled at her craft. She is an overall very loving human being whom I can proudly call my spiritual advisor, soul sister, and a true friend today. I am so grateful to have connected with her. I strongly recommend her services if this is something you have been considering. 10/10 experience every time.


Julie has been so instrumental in my spiritual growth as a human being and lightworker. Her energy work is SO delicate, yet SO powerful and when combined with her loving and passionate presence, her energy allows anyone to fully embrace the incredible healing power of her treatments.

Whether it be a dark night of the soul, or an important message from a passed loved one, Julie is a one-of-a-kind, multifaceted healer.

Anyone to receive energy work from this incredibly special being would be SO lucky, and I consider myself to be one of these VERY lucky people. Thank you Julie!


I met Julie through mutual friends and her Instagram account when I was 7 months sober. In the 6 months I have known Julie, I have had my makeup professionally done by her, tarot card reading, two Reiki sessions, an eyebrow tint and wax, and two Reiki Facials.

Julie has truly changed my life. I have always struggled with sleeping through the night, self-doubt, anxiety and substance abuse.

After my first Reiki session, I slept through the night for the first time in years. In the following weeks I became surer of myself, had decreases in substance cravings and truly started to love myself unconditionally. My anxiety levels have decreased, and I am now able to approach life with love, tolerance and optimism. All this is a direct result of the work Julie does.

Julie is professional yet compassionate. It is apparent that she truly loves and cares for her clients. She followed up after each service to check in and ensure things are going well, that she's available if there are any questions, concerns or if I just need to chat…no matter the time of day.

Julie has truly changed my life. I do not know where I would be today if had not crossed passed with her. It brings me great peace knowing there is no problem to large for Julie to help me with through her healing work. She is the real deal and truly a miracle on Earth.


Energy Therapy Reviews

Tarot Card Readings

One day I had the honour of having Julie perform a tarot reading on me. During this time period I was going through a lot mentally. I felt very stuck and unsure of what path to take in life. Julie was extremely professional, and knowledgeable when conducting my reading. She guided me step by step, explaining everything thoroughly and when she was finished, she tied it all together and gave me an i-depth understanding of what everything meant.

I was extremely blown away with how much clarity and understanding I took with me after that experience. To say the least, because of that reading I had with Julie I embarked on my spiritual journey even more and created my own business.

If there is ever a time you need guidance, or are in search of a breakthrough, Julie is your person to go to. You can feel her positive energy radiate everywhere she goes. Her intentions are only good and pure. Julie is the true definition of a light worker. She is pure gold.



The most wonderful energy I've ever had the pleasure of being around, I had the best card reading in my entire life. Julie is magical and definitely someone to see for anything spiritual or beauty related. 100/10



Facial Treatments

Julia K

A beautiful welcoming space for Reiki infused facials. Julie is the full package, for your skin and energetic health. Would highly recommend!



Energy With Julie opened my prospective to a whole new experience, which blew my mind in an optimistic higher self. Julie offered me her reiki treatment and facial. During and after my treatment I felt comfortable, relaxed and calm in her presence. It also uplifted my energy, walking away feeling amazingly beautiful.

I have traveled around the world and met a lot of spiritual guides and have to admit that Julie has something special she has offered me. Hand on my heart, I can truly recommend Julie to those who are looking for spiritual guidance and beauty treatments. I have now moved back to the UK and am struggling without Julie’s treatment as she’s one in a million.


Paige D

I would recommend Julie in a heartbeat! Julie is truly invested in the health and well-being of her clients. Every step of the way felt therapeutic.
I showed up and was greeted with a rose petal and cacao tea - the facial was incredibly relaxing, and I left her studio feeling completely refreshed mentally. Oh, and my skin has never looked better!
I enjoyed the experience so much that I came back the next day to try reiki, which was a very powerful experience. Julie does it all. Do yourself a favour and visit for any of her services!


Kara M

I had the most incredible Crystal Reiki Facial with Julie! Not only has my skin been glowing since our session, but I'm feeling so much more calm and balanced from the Reiki.

Julie is extremely gifted, and this experience is unlike any other. Highly recommend.


I had the pleasure of experiencing the Reiki Facial with Julie. For someone who has enjoyed several facials in the past, I was looking for a service that was more tailored to supporting my skincare needs. Julie’s service brought the experience to a whole new level.

I suffer from severe stress and anxiety, and the added Reiki and breath work she incorporated left me in the most relaxed and refreshed state. Her intuiting and ability to read energy was extremely professional. She was truly in tune with my body’s needs.


I had the privilege of experiencing Julie's custom “Reiki Facial”. Not only was it a powerful experience but my skin felt fantastic. 
What an incredible service. I can not wait for my next one!!! Thank you ❤️


The facial portion was outstanding! With her skincare knowledge, we selected a mask that best suited by skin concerns and skincare treatment for after for hydration. The added face steam was the ultimate treatment, clearing out my pores and allowing my skins to fully absorb the final creams.

Julie’s aesthetic experience paired with her Reiki and Meditation training provided the ultimate self-care treatment I never knew I needed.

My skin has been glowing for days, and never looked so fresh. I will NEVER go back to a basic facial ever again. I am so excited to continue my self-care journey with Julie.



Brow Shaping & Tinting

Phil R

Julie is great with my eyebrows - I’m very picky and she’s awesome. I love her very much - she has become a friend. The space was also very cozy and personal, which I love and made me feel at home.

Julie offered my brows the much needed refresh they needed. With a quick and simple tint, my fair haired brows went from sparse to full.

She was bang on with the colour and styled them the best I have ever had. Next time I will be getting the full makeup treatment for sure! Thank you Jules!


My brows are a sad story…Julie is helping me fall in love with them again.

Thank you for always hearing what I want to see and creating exactly what I need. She is outstanding.


Energy With Julie would love your feedback!