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Have you been feeling closed off, lonely, resentful, or broken-hearted?

Bringing energy to your heart chakra helps you to connect to pure, unconditional love and will tune you into resilience, compassion, and generosity of spirit. This is key in order to experience the beauty of life, to see and feel the love and goodness radiating from your heart, and helps you to share your light with the world.

The light needs no object to shine upon; it is love itself, expressing itself as you.

Heal Your Heart Chakra

An energy healing session with me can help to balance this tender yet, most powerful energy centre in the body. I offer reiki therapy combined with other modalities to amplify the healing, such as my dreamy rose gold aura quartz alchemy practitioner bowl and high-grade crystal therapy.

Reiki healing for the heart chakra
Reiki healing for the heart chakra by Energy With Julie

A Simple Breathing Practice

In the meantime, I suggest being present and connecting to your breath.

The lungs are part of the heart chakra, thus it is vital that you attempt to breathe deeply, with conscious breaths to re-energize this centre, and activate new levels of love for self. Bring both hands 🙏🏼 to rest at the centre of your chest, feeling the rhythm of your heartbeat.

Inhaling slowly through the nose into your chest, send the breath all the way down to your feet and exhale through the mouth. This will allow oxygen to flow freely throughout the entire body. Repeat this process a few times.

Julie ♡