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Collective Oracle Reading for November 2022

Collective Reading – November 2022

The overall arching energies from the Starseed Oracle. Massive spiritual awakenings are taking place within the collective. It is the time to activate and integrate all of the new learnings. Awakenings aren't easy, to say the least. They can be the hardest times, and may trigger some to experience a dark night of the soul.…
Solar Eclipse Oct 2022 Collective Reading

Solar Eclipse Collective Reading – October 2022

We are entering the eclipse season starting off with the New Moon solar eclipse in Scorpio on 10/25/22. Eclipses are here to bring great changes and huge shifts in energies, illuminating truths and unveiling illusions as to what must leave. This season is going to be a doozy, as it is the beginning of the…
Collective Tarot Reading for August 2022

Collective Reading – August 2022

Angel messages coming through... Counselor Energy: We are all natural teachers to others, and this is to remind us to utilize our gifts wisely as many people benefit from our guidance and reassurance. Sit in quiet and notice the loving guidance you hear inside your mind and from other people (psst… you can even feel and…