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Enjoy the sweet sounds of my new alchemy bowls this summer.  I recently have just upgraded my quartz singing bowl collection by adding in 2 new bowls.  A gorgeous hot pink angel aura quartz for the third eye chakra to help my clients to lift the veil of fear (as fear is truly only an illusion) to remind and bring them back to the love vibe again.  My other newbie is incredibly powerful for the solar plexus chakra in angel aura quartz activating the power and joy within.

I offer a sound bath in every reiki session as vibrational sounds are thought to stimulate our circulation and immune system.  It also opens up the nervous system where stuck trauma and emotions can fester.  If you’re suffering from insomnia or stress and are looking for a way to relax and switch off then the soothing and calming vibrations and tones that crystal alchemy singing bowls emit can help take you into the relaxing Theta State, enabling stagnant energy to be released and our chakras to stabilize and flow again.