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Julie Cook

New Earth Leader, Conscious Cerator, Energy Therapist
Brief info

A little bit about myself, I had a life-changing awakening and I chose to raise my vibration and awareness. I came to recall gifts and abilities that I use to support and assist others.

I am a natural healer and born leader, which is confirmed by my astrological birth chart. People know me for my warm, sweet, & humble spirit that can shift any energy in a room. People are drawn to my magnetic, loving, and kind lifestyle. I will make you feel welcomed, important, accepted and your energy will naturally lift when we’re working together.

I am a Reiki Master Teacher and Sound Therapist, my professional background is education, training and speaking which I use to guide others. Through my Energy Therapy, I have psychic and clairvoyant gifts. I work with higher dimensional light beings, client’s higher self, the angel /spirt realms, and the Akashic Record. I specialize in mentoring and awakening Lightworkers and Starseeds. I also guide the newly awakened so I can support their life purpose so they can walk the path they are meant to.

Julie Services