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Vishuddha/ Throat Chakra

The Throat Chakra is located in the throat where our vocal cords are and is identified by the colour blue. It is associated with the Ether Element. It focuses on matters concerning communication and how we express ourselves to the world. The Throat Chakra is the bridge between the heart and the mind (the earth and spirit worlds), therefore it is very important for it to be a clear channel.


You are able to express yourself to others through healthy communication. There is ease in the way you speak and you are mindful of the power behind the energy of the words you use, you know when to be silent and when to speak and you rust your intuition.

Out of Balance

You may have trouble expressing yourself either in the form of not being able to speak your truth, or in the form of excessive speaking. This can also manifest itself in excessive negative talk. Weight problems, suppression, weak will power or lack of trust.

Body Parts

Associated with this Chakra are: the respiratory system, the ear, nose and throat area, lungs, bronchioles, jaw, neck. Hypo or hyperthyroidism as well as inflammation or infections in this area can occur when this chakra isn’t properly balanced.

Too Open

So busy expressing that we forget to listen, unable to enter into resonance with those around us, voice is dissonant.

Too Closed

Fear of expressing one’s self, fear of speaking one’s truth,
excessive shyness, voice itself is timid and words are few.

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