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Reiki Certification & Coaching

Getting to know Julie and working with her has been such a positively impactful journey and experience. Her energy is radiant and gets me so excited to take the next step to level up. She makes learning fun and easy to understand, always encouraging me to ask questions and providing clarification. She has taught me Second Degree Reiki & Group Reiki. She sees my potential and she makes it known by cheering me on and acknowledging all the goodness I am creating. She told me after completing Second Degree Reiki and receiving the attunement I would feel like a different person and she was absolutely right! I felt different, I felt inspired, I felt ready to step in as the Healer I knew I was destined to be. I started my own Reiki practice after that!! She has encouraged me and supported me the whole way. Words truly cannot express how thankful I am for this kind, loving woman. I am so grateful our paths crossed and we get to grow together and help make this world a better place.