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At the beginning of every day, we prepare the sacred medicine. Ceremonial Cacao is made to offer blessings within the practice to each and every client. The scent of chocolate, rose and cinnamon to start your day is quite a blessing in itself.

What are the healing properties of cacao?

Cacao our ancient sacred earth medicine that carries many healing benefits. It opens your heart chakra, the gateway to hear your inner spirit and wisdom. It helps the body heal, detoxify and gives your immune system a good boost.


The experience of raw chocolate within a cacao ceremony can also assist in energetic and spiritual healing, conflict resolution and gaining clarity within the mind, body and soul. Healers in many cultures have traditionally used cacao to alleviate a host of mental and physical afflictions, such as depression, insomnia, nervousness and excitability, as well as regulating blood pressure and sugar levels and preventing cardio metabolic diseases.


Sounds incredible right? Well, it is… hence why I believe it is vital to serve it to my clients as extra healing modality to enhance the experience of energy healing and over all well-being.


What is a Cacao Ceremony at Energy with Julie?

Once the Ceremonial Cacao is prepared, I will then bless it with Reiki to infuse the medicine with the universal life force energy of pure love and light so that once ingested into the body it will benefit from the higher vibrational frequencies. The blessings keep on coming! After greeting my client, I will offer them a cup of Ceremonial Cacao, explaining all the benefits they will reap from cacao healing. I tell them that it tastes like hot chocolate but is a much healthier version.


As I pour the cup, I tune into my intuition on feeling into the client’s energy offering of what I wish to bless them with. Then I say “from my heart to yours, may this cacao bring you the clarity, deep healing and total relaxation. And may you receive all that you are looking for to get out of your session today”, just as an example. The blessings obviously change as not everyone’s energy they portray is the same. Then I will say as you take your first sip and every sip, drink with intention of what you wish to attain from the treatment today.


Through varied glowing comments everyone seems to love the Ceremonial Cacao that they are greeted with, enjoying the warmth and healing properties that cacao can provide. What I love even more, is my regular clients expect it when they come, they look forward to the tasty treat and that makes my heart smile.


So, I thought this recipe would be good to share (see below), so you can make it at home for yourself!


But one more thing…

Other benefits from healing with cacao

Recent research has found, that if you drink cacao or any dark chocolate of 75% cacao or more, it is a simple anti-aging hack that will boost your stem cells because they are regenerative. The stems cells go through your body to find whatever needs to be fixed/detoxified, they can become any type of cell replacing dying aging cells or broken tissue or damaged tissue with healthy brand-new tissue so essentially, it is regenerating your body and making it younger constantly. 


There was a study done, where they took two groups of people; one group of people changed nothing, the other group of people took 75% dark chocolate and made hot chocolate out of it and drank it twice a day, (that’s all they did to different in their daily routine). Their stem cells levels doubled in one month – quite the feat showing that the healing properties of cacao are numerous! People pay thousands of dollars for stem cells – not only that it has flavonoids (plant-based antioxidants that will deal with your heart and brain and clean out the body to support a lot of anti-aging functions) stem cell levels will go through the roof and blood flow is vastly improved.


Now, just imagine what this age prevention sacred medicine of a cacao ceremony can also do for your skin as it’s connected to the heart chakra, the lung energy that corresponds to the largest organ in the body – Skin!

Sounds like intelligent aging to me…


Energy With Julie Ceremonial Cacao Recipe 

Have your own cacao ceremony at home with my personal recipe. Reap the many benefits of cacao healing and enjoy in a ritual that has been passed down over hundreds of years. 


2 lg. Tbsp. of raw, free trade organic Cacao
1 Tbsp. of Ceylon Cinnamon or 2 – 3 in. cinnamon sticks
2 Tbsp. of organic maple syrup (or to taste)
Pinch of pink Himalayan salt


Secret ingredient: Using filtered alkaline spring water, make 2 lg. teapots of food grade Rose Petal/Bud tea*. 



Use 2 lg. Tbsp. (for each pot) steep for 11 minutes, pour it into your pot of cacao with the other ingredients and whisk till blended. Heat but do not boil for15 – 20 minutes. This makes a large batch, for smaller just cut in half.


*I blend rose petals and rose buds together. The best place to buy rose petals/buds is Kensington Market in Toronto, ON at “Carlo’s House of Spices.”


Enjoy and Blessings upon Blessings!


You will experience the world of meditation at a higher spiritual level, bringing peace to your spiritual, mental, emotional and physical bodies.


In the love vibe