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Keep Your Energy Flowing Year-Round

With every changing season, we undergo a transformation. The energy around us is in constant flux, affecting our moods, energy levels, and overall well-being. Let’s face it, the weather can impact us more than we realize! But we have the power to maintain balance and embrace a higher quality of life.

Embracing Seasonal Energetic Shifts

As we adapt to the seasons, it’s common for our sleep patterns to become disrupted. Fortunately, the sense of well-being and relaxation experienced during an energy healing session can work wonders for improving your sleep! Some people even drift off into sleep during a reiki or sound healing session, feeling safe and at peace.

It’s important to pay attention to your energetic health and connection to your spirituality consistently. A Reiki healing session or distance healing session can be truly helpful for combating negative seasonal changes or symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), especially in such drastic climates such as Toronto, where we are based.

The Energy Bodies and Our Chakra System

To understand Reiki and how it works, we must learn about the Energy Bodies and our Chakra System.

First, let’s explore the layers of energy that extend beyond our physical bodies. Within our quantum field, we have multiple energy layers that expand outward: Etheric (body; the blueprint of our physical form), Emotional (heart), Mental (mind), and Spiritual (soul).

Illustration of a human figure with labeled energy layers - Etheric, Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual

Addressing blockages within these energetic layers, whether through Reiki or other means of energy balancing, clears the path for holistic well-being, preventing future ailments from manifesting in the physical realm.

The Chakras - The Energy Wheels

Infographic showing the Seven Chakras with their respective meanings and positions along the spine

Now, let’s talk about the fascinating realm of Chakras! In Sanskrit, Chakra means “wheel,” representing the spinning wheels of energy within us. While our bodies house 114 chakras in total, there are 7 primary chakras that run along the Sushumna: the central channel, our spinal cord.

Each chakra holds beliefs, emotions, and memories that relate to different aspects of our lives. Our three lower chakras relate to Earthly matters—survival, sexuality and personal power. The top three facilitate higher consciousness: the truth, intuition and purpose. In the middle is the heart chakra―which bridges these two worlds with empathy, love and compassion.

These swirling energetic wheels correspond to major nerve centers and organs in the body, influencing our psychological, emotional and spiritual states of being.

Maintaining open, aligned, and fluid chakras is essential because any blockages restrict the flow of energy. Given the intimate connection between mind, body, soul, and spirit, addressing an imbalance through chakra meditation can restore harmony to the entire system.

The Seasons and Their Healing Energies

Let’s go through the benefits of incorporating Reiki healing into each season, and reap all the rewards with your energy centers and layers being in tip top shape for optimal health and well-being!
A collage of nature throughout all four seasons - different flowers and trees as they blossom and change throughout the year

Spring: 🌸 Oh, the rainy days…on a positive note the old saying goes that “April showers bring May flowers”. When the days become longer in the springtime, the body adjusts its hormone levels, and more endorphins, testosterone and estrogen are released. This changeover puts a heavy strain on the body which responds to feeling tired or fatigue. A traditional time to do some spring cleaning; get rid of the old and make way for the new, and to get ready for the brighter days ahead. This is a good idea on an energetic level and the perfect time for cleansing and purifying any old stuck emotions and traumas.

It is really important to include a regular energy cleansing routine at this time of year so you can reap the renewal energies of rebirth that the spring equinox offers us. Freshen up with cleansed chakras by purging the heavier and worn out energies one can hold onto during the longer months of winter and overcoming the winter blues. Setting intentions or seeds you wish to see bloom for yourself this season can be powerful as well.

The benefits of a reiki treatment this time of year will have you feeling more nurtured with self, well awakened and have refreshed energy that will result in having a livelier approach to your days and increased inner tranquility.

Summer: ☀️ A sunny disposition, ahh days are warmer, brighter and longer, and we get to enjoy outside more often frolicking in nature and all of its wondrous, lush offerings! We are socializing more and outdoor physical activities and sports are high on the priority list. Also, the higher temperature of summer makes it harder for the body to maintain a balanced internal temperature.

This extra effort can leave you feeling more tired. In addition to physical fatigue, disturbance of the autonomic nervous system and dehydration are also major causes of summer lethargy.

Reiki revitalizes and rejuvenates during this period, aiding the body in balancing its energy to restore invigoration and alignment.

Autumn: 🍂 The season of sweater weather. As we enter into the colder months, many people feel emotional and spiritual shifts on their bodies—some welcome and some not so much! Shorter days tend to impact the way many or most of us feel. It can also tend to raise our stressors; but the good news is, reiki can help to trigger a release of accumulative daily stress by raising our frequency higher which makes us feel happier overall.

The energy healing process can bring about feelings of clarity and peacefulness, enabling people to shake off stress-related negativities and feel more at one with their inner selves.

Reiki works to stimulate our bodies’ own resources toward healing, resulting in a healthier immune system. We could all use more of that when the sun makes it self-less present during these times of change!

Winter: ❄️ The winter blues…the days are shorter, nights are longer and colder, and recovering from the holiday hustle and bustle can all be exhausting, to say the least! Reiki can be the most effective way to shuttle the blues away. Some may experience symptoms of SAD, and with that a grumpier mood, irritability, apathy, boredom, messed up sleep patterns, causing fatigue or insomnia, being in hermit mode, overeating and weight gain.

The overall lack of sunlight can result in a biochemical imbalance in the body. Reiki can restore the physical, mental and emotional balance, to re-establish a healthy homeostasis. An energy healing session can reduce stress, tension and is actually designed to restore your body’s relaxation response, which can result in immediate and long-lasting relief from chronic stress on all your body’s levels.

Reiki is also an efficient and effective mood booster that adds one more layer of relief when you’re feeling in a low vibe funk. The cause and effect is linked to a negative mood that can trigger sadness, anger, anxiety and a sense of hopelessness. You will definitely find a significant rise in your positive energy and overall vibration – feeling renewed and inspired.

This positivity has a ripple effect and will continue to clear out the negative thought patterns that turn into feelings that delay and play havoc on the flow of your life force. Once the negative blocks are removed, your energy can freely flow graciously throughout your system to additionally strengthen your balance that is so key to overall health and feeling good.

Cultivate Joy and Wellness

Maintaining energetic health throughout the seasons is pivotal for holistic well-being. Claim your joy and well-being by embracing a consistent, nurturing journey within yourself. Feeling good and joy is our birthright!

In positive vibes, 

If you’re feeling unbalanced, experience the power of Reiki. Schedule your energy healing session and awaken your inner energy!