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Coaching & Energy Therapy

Julie and I met nearly 4 years ago. I had no idea when we first met just how much of an impact she would have made on my life. As I sit here today, I consider myself blessed to not only be able to call Julie a good friend, but a mentor. Julie inspired me to awaken my spiritual side. She has taught me nearly everything I know now and continues to teach me more every day. She is extremely knowledgeable, professional and passionate when it comes to sharing her gifts with others. If there is one word to describe Julie, it is the fact that she is pure magic.

One day I had the honours of having Julie perform a Tarot Card reading on me. During this time period I was going through a lot mentally. I felt very stuck and unsure of what path to take in life. Julie was extremely professional, and knowledgeable when conducting my reading. She guided me step by step, explaining everything thoroughly and when she was finished, she tied it all together and gave me an in depth understanding of what everything meant. I was extremely blown away with how much clarity and understanding I took with me after that experience. To say the least, because of that reading I had with Julie I embarked on my spiritual journey even more and created my own business.

If there is ever a time you need guidance, or are in search of a breakthrough, Julie is your person to go to. You can feel her positive energy radiate everywhere she goes. Her intentions are only good and pure. Julie is the true definition of a light worker. She is pure gold.