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During the craziness we are all experiencing collectively in 2020, I have had a really hard time this year dealing with physical and emotional turmoil. I was feeling everything crashing down around me. My reiki sessions with Julie were heart-opening, it made me feel relieved and at peace with myself for the first time in a long time. I have known Julie for many years, she is the type of person that will walk into a room and her energy will brighten your day. Julie radiates positivity, she is extremely knowledgeable and in touch with her own spirituality, she is definitely someone I look up to. Julie is an amazing healer and a master at her craft. After my sessions with Julie I leave feeling more calm, more in tune with my body, mind and soul. I feel lighter in energy, like everything I was carrying was taken away. Julie’s reiki sessions have helped me deal with stress, anxiety and my overall well-being. I am so grateful for her and the work that she does. Let this be a sign from the universe, if you’re feeling any kind of stress with the world we are currently living in. Julie will help you shine light and love into yourself and those around you. If you haven’t already, book a session with Julie and thank me later! Julie offers incredible services to help you on your spiritual journey.