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Oracle messages: Your life is a canvas, we create our reality and world we live in.

Self-care is at the top of the priority list – take it easier, rest more, make healthful choices, nourish and replenish the lower vibes with water by bathing, swimming, etc. that helps to cleanse the aura.

Devoted to tuning into the portal of your heart – Inner Temple to love.

New abundance and a blaze of inspiration with the Ace of coins – letting us know the powerful luck it is bringing forward with the ten of disks security and emotional well-being a positive energy to the outcome.

We must always try to look at the cup being full that the universe gifts us and is always on our side.  We are the ones that hold the vision and frequency, especially during this transition to the Fifth Dimension.  Letting go of baggage is key that will be replaced with a positive change.  It is up to us, with the four of cups to move in calmer waters, expanding to better days ahead.  Eyes on the prize.

With the King of coins reversed we must remember what is really important in life as it is the ego that has the unbalanced energy with materialistic things.  Connection to higher self is key at this time of ascension, feeling more into how things are rather than just keep foolishly moving ahead.  Now is the time to be bold and pursue your passions.  New beginnings.

We are the alchemist – being a part of the solution rather than the problem.

Activate the free spirit in your feminine energy to move through the world with your heart and eyes wide open.  It is all in divine timing – it is all working out for you.  Trust.

Open your mind to new ideas, then teach others – Be a leader