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Healthy glowing skin is always in.   With moving into the summer months, we all should do a deep cleaning to ensure a radiant glow.  Exfoliating and cleansing our pores is key and a top priority for summer fresh skin.  It’s also a great time to switch up your products with products that are lighter in texture and that target the effects the weather has on your complexion.

 Be sure to check out my new summer 2022 facials, coming soon.  There is a facial for every skin type, budget and to fit any schedule (look for my express facials!).  

Here are a few top products, I recommend for this time of year:

Get yourself a good exfoliator that slough’s off the dead skin, makeup and environmental debris.  Your products will work more efficiently by penetrating into the deeper into skin and will of course give you a brighter glow – My Fave is PCA daily exfoliant as its gentle enough to use morning and night, yet powerful enough to get rid of all you don’t want.

Next is applying a proper Vitamin C serum to enhance your skin to the ultimate, radiant glow, as it provides antioxidants to ward off and protect you from free radicals that damage skin cells from environmental pollution.   There is a ton on the market, and can be confusing so what you want to look for is L-ascorbic acid in a higher percentage.  I swear by PCA’s C&E advanced as it has 20% L-ascorbic acid, 5% tocopherol, hexylresorcinol, Vitamin E, & silymarin.  Apply with your morning routine, this will also help protect you from further damage. 

Lastly, it’s an absolute must to wear a mineral (not chemical) SPF of at least 40 UVA & UVB protection every single day.  I am obsessed with Elta MD they are the cleanest mineral sun protection on the market and the #1 selling in Canada.  They are a sheer, light, hydrating sunscreen’s with transparent Zinc Oxide at 9%, and Octinoxate 7.5%.  There is a formula for Acneic skin if you are prone to breakouts and also comes in a tint which I love for the summer months especially.   Apply after your skincare routine every morning and if you are out in the sun reapply every 2 hours.

I carry all 3 products mentioned above available for purchase at my practice.  Book a summer facial with so I can get you to your healthiest skin yet.