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The first day of Summer is upon us on June 21st. The longest day of the year with the most sunlight. This is all about new beginnings and to trust in the light of the sun, help making the world a better place by shining your light the brightest to squash the darkness. It is my favourite day of the year because the energies are so pure and full of illuminating light that it feels magical, joyful, happy, fresh and the best is yet to come, kinda vibes. Below is the collective reading I channeled through to help support with insight and guidance from my light committee relating to these upcoming energies.

Starseed Oracle

Time feels all over the place lately speeding up and yet also slowing down. There is no rush everything is in divine timing. So, with that being said lean in a little more into just being, instead of doing, during these summer months. Kick your feet up and chillax.

Clear the auric field by genuinely connecting with others, creating physical community with hugs and cuddles to those who light you up and make you laugh. Step outta the cave (psst, we are almost in Leo season) and physically reach out to those in your life. Seeing friends and family more, joining a new group, do something of interest or something that you’ve always wanted to do. Go have a regular catch up with someone.

A soul in a human body, to be fully present to what life on earth has to offer you. Focussing more on your energies is a must on the priority list this month. You can sit in mediation and tune into you!

The Field and Fountain Tarot

The four of disks with the Hierophant are showing us that things are changing greatly and new beginnings are happening on a worldly scale. We must look at the old ways connected to the material world, finances and wealth with a new lens and new perspective as the light is piercing all the old ways that are not serving us as a collective and to how we can share wealth within the collective so we can all live as one in happiness and fulfillment. It is a balance of those more important things in the world like poverty, everyone should have enough of what they need to survive. It is the energy we can all open up to and learn to give more. The truth and consciousness is here. It is now time, to make this shift into the golden age and the fifth dimensional frequency range. A utopian vibe.

It makes me so happy to have two major arcanas, especially the Sun and the Strength card together in this middle position! Fiery Leo energy coming through again, in such a powerful and mighty impressive way. Can I get a woot, woot?! The sun and the strength for summer solstice…. yes, yes, yes!!! Let me tell you why I’m so excited…. Solar plexus & heart activations to the max! Watch out as we roar like the lion/lioness, we all have just been waiting and are ready to be seen with our hearts open, ready to give and receive love on a whole other level. We have never experienced this amount of unconditional love streaming our planet, bodies and souls.

This is a time for celebrating, for all those who have done the work in creating more love and light on our earth. The sun is radiating and represents light at the end of the tunnel. It’s positive, joyous rays of energy flow and bring us warmth. The future is bright and everything will be alright as you overcome your personal hurdles with confidence and strength. All the best energies of happiness, vitality, fulfillment, abundance and success!

Three of wands represents the ability to look into the future with a clear focused mind. You know what it will take to evolve and reach the goal, using your intuition with confidence and let your increasing momentum guide you to the next level while paired with the nine of coins ensuring us that success is certain; an unstoppable energy has been released. You are stronger than your efforts and now is the time to savoir your achievements. Replenish your energy and considered what you have learned. Time for reflection.

Can it get any better and clearer for us?!

Loving it!

The Rose oracle

To sum this reading up with the healing and TLC towards self and understanding for others. We have the ancient power to express. Our throat chakras are now activated on a collective level and we remember more of the scarlet codes and instead of hate; let’s create, inspire, write, dance, art and channel the higher realms through, share and connect.

Subconscious messages

Keep trusting into the unknown, positive thinking = positive results.

Be guided by the heart it reminds us to look inward for love and harmony before looking to anyone else.

Forgive, rejuvenate and heal. Having the acknowledgement of the past and being able to release what no longer serves you. You decide with an altered new view and purpose, invite within as a unique and untamed way for you!