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The overall arching energies from the Starseed Oracle.

Massive spiritual awakenings are taking place within the collective. It is the time to activate and integrate all of the new learnings.

Awakenings aren’t easy, to say the least. They can be the hardest times, and may trigger some to experience a dark night of the soul. We are reminded that there is so much love here, and in the higher realms. All we have to do is open up our hearts and stretch them bigger so we are able to feel heavenly love and support from all of the galactic collectives. They are cheering us on and the support is infinite.

To all of this that is happening, we need more self-care and self-love for our physical bodies: nourishing, tenderness, rest, and body care to allow all of this New Earth energy a chance to flow in without resistance. The best way to embody these high frequencies is taking extra time for R&R.

Trust the path your soul is calling you towards — we are being invited to remember our soul’s greater plan and surrender to it. What are you being called to do, to surrender to your soul’s plan?

Pyramid Style

Deck: The Rider-Waite Tarot by Edward Waite

1st Row: The Hierophant, Three of Wands, The Sun, Ten of Cups, The Star

2nd Row: The Emperor, Four of Swords, Nine of Cups, Eight of Cups

3rd Row: King of Cups, The Empress, Page of Swords

4th Row: Six of Cups and Five of Swords

5th Row: Ace of Pentacles

Bonus Card: Three of Pentacles; Bottom of the deck: Two of Swords

Spirituality is leading the way, and there is so much progress and expansion in the hearts of everyone, with brand new energy and opportunities on the horizon waiting for humanity.

The warm sun is shining down on us, showering us with positivity, success, and vitality with a reminder to open up to connect with our inner child, allowing more joy and fun energy in to balance out the heavier stuff that’s playing out in our world.

Divine love, blissful relationships, harmony, and alignment are available to us. Luck, hope, and faith with wish fulfillment is on our side. Dream bigger!

There are new structures being built, and new leaders that will be the new authorities; they will be the right ones who lead with the heart, and respect for humanity. Meditate, recuperate, and contemplate on what you wish to see for the greater changes on our planet.

Contentment, satisfaction, gratitude, a wish come true is on our side. We are walking away from the low vibrational 3D Matrix energies with disappointment around the truths that are arising.

Behold more compassion and emotionally balanced energies are here to support us in this stage…that’s if we take the time out to rest to fully receive them.

Soul mates, twin flames, power couples—divine union is taking place—helping the hearts heal with femininity, beauty, and nature and nurturing the souls who are finding these realizations so much harder to comprehend.

New ideas, new ways of communicating – the collective is, and will be having a thirst for more knowledge as we enter into these new structures with curiosity.

Innocence and joy will take over the battles we’ve been facing of conflicts, disagreements, competition and defeat. We are winning at all costs. Trust.

The universe is bringing us gifts of abundance of opportunities when we come together and collaborate with unity consciousness.

Take off the blindfold, put down your swords, and open yourself up to new perspectives. All you have to do is just turn around and see the bliss instead of blocking it.


The Rider-Waite and Field Tarot decks for collective energy reading

Cards from: The Field Tarot by Hannah Elizabeth Fofana

9 of Cups, The Sun (both cards twice in this reading), Justice, The Lovers, 9 of Disks

All the best things are culminating for us with love!

Need I say more?!!

Messages from Your Animal Spirit Guides Oracle Deck

Tiger: You are being called upon to provide leadership, so trust that you’re capable of doing so.

Unicorn: Indulge in your creative, imaginative, and magical side through some form of artistic expression.

Cardinal: The polarities of your spiritual pursuits and physical pleasures are out of balance, so do whatever is necessary to bring them back into equilibrium.

Cat: It’s time to strike out on your own and relinquish your over dependence on others.