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All I have to say is whoa… with these potent shifting energies! Hold tight fam, it’s all working out for us, even though at times it doesn’t feel like it at all. The intensities and difficulties we are experiencing as a collective together are here to teach us how to grow more into our beautiful hearts and let love guide us.  Also, let go of what is not working or serving our highest and to clear the path for all the positive new energies awaiting us. It’s time to take charge of your happiness. Read below for more.

Be open and say yes more often to expand through the extremes. Trust life. 

The sun is our life force when you receive from the solar energies you invite in all the joy, success, vitality and play that will help you expand with ease.

Who do you need to forgive? Is it yourself?  Be gentle with yourself by tapping into your pure innocence.

There is more to the eye than we see, maybe it’s hidden or in plain sight or maybe it’s all a mystery. Learn and teach others your magic which will help the collective move forward with more love.

Justice with the Seven of Disks: Fairness will prevail, as we need to stay focused by looking at the big picture on the world scale. We all want peace, health and love…right?  Put in the time and energy into achieving the vision, there is value where you put your efforts.

The Fountain with the King of Cups: Relinquish all illusions of control.  Silence is golden. Like the owl observe. Try being masterless, observant and just be.  You are the voice and breath of the universes.  Navigate calmly through the storm.

Eight of Cups, The Emperor and the Queen of Swords: Embrace the unknown – old life is passing, walking towards a path with confidence in one’s abilities. You are stronger than you think, tap into the infinite intelligence that is all around you and use your wisdom for clarity and positive movement forward.

The Six of Wands and the Seven of Swords: A victory has been won, balanced is restored!  We will see renewed potential, charisma, adoration and hope.  Use your discernment when the truth is revealed. Consequences will have to be faced. Be Careful whom you trust. Listen to your intuition, it is always right.

Decks used:

  • The Rose Oracle by Rebecca Campbell
  • The Fountain Tarot
  • The Field Tarot by Hannah Elizabeth Fofana