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Energy With Julie officially opened on September 25, 2020 with the intention of supporting others in Toronto and abroad through their healing and their journey back to self.

My offerings of Energy Healing services including Reiki, Sound Therapy, Tarot and Oracle Card Readings, Channeling including Breath Work and Guided Meditations, Energy Therapy Coaching and facials are all for a new you!…to feel better in mind, body, soul.

Celebrating these intentions, which has turned into my full time business, along with supporting ascensions during the recent and current shifts we’ve been experiencing in our world and on our consciousnesses. I’m grateful to be able to have a safe and sacred space for my clients to relax, and be able to educate with knowledge on all things related to energy.

Two Year Anniversary Celebration

I’m genuinely celebrating the love and support towards my vision of service with my incredible existing and new beautiful soul mate clients.

Including my expansion and growth, I’ve crafted seven new Signature Healing Facials this past summer in my offerings.

And one more celebration to highlight is my hard work on becoming a “5 star” business on Google.

I dreamed of the freedom of creating an exquisite service-based business doing what I truly love. My passion is helping others so they fall in love with themselves and share that with the collective. The ripple effect of good vibes.

All the love = utopia golden age of light and freedom.

Love you so much,