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Shift of light on the first day of Autumn. A potent portal of new beginnings and balancing the light and the dark with the libra energy. Planting the seeds for the harvest = instant manifestation.

A sense of grounding with the earth energy and the sun will help you integrate the intensities. So, I recommend getting outside as much as you can during this season.

Divine sacred union, coming together – twin flames, partnership in all of our relationships.

Oracle Messages

Inner Earth you’ll survive these new solutions and beginnings. The light is coming though. The balanced energy. 

I’m sorry – the truths and lies are coming to light. Forgiveness energy around the heart chakra and any wrongdoings are being transformed through love now. Freedom takes so much energy when you are not being your true authentic self.

Longing for home – Home sick for the stars. It’s been exhausting with the recent past and current world events playing on our minds and hearts.

Star Family: It’s all good though, because we’ve got each other. We just have to call in support and connect with one another. Divine sacred union – we are coming together and our vibrations are rising together.

Recent past, Five of Cups: Disappointment, but we must keep up with our optimism and change our perspective and know the cup is always full and the castle of our dreams is close.

Wheel of Fortune: Long term wealth, luck and positive energy is on our side. Turning away from the Five of Cups.

Nine of Disks: Cumulation is all working out. These are the building blocks of coming out of the disappointment and with the lucky fortune card. It’s all in the works.

Six of Wands: Victory and success. Our soul tribe is here and cheering. We are cheering each other on to keep moving forward no matter what the doom and gloom is saying.

The universe is on our side, the quantum field is working on our behalf. We have to thank each other and ourselves that we’ve done the work of being better humans.

Compassion brings us together and that’s what we need to do is come together more, despite all of our differences.

Perspective: This is a high ascension portal where we must ground in the energy and keep our vision to what we wish to experience and hold it high.

Queen of Wands: Fire energy. You are grounded, connected, vibrant, gentle, humble and strong.  A card of spirituality. It gives the perspective card vibrancy and strength.  

Five of Swords: Defeat. The battle of the 3D energy is still prevalent in the collective even though many of us have ascended to the 5D new earth of love consciousness.

Strength: We have the power and courage to move through the lower dense energy that’s still playing a part in the collective.

Queen of Cups: Use your intuition. Keep believing in yourself. You are supported and loved.

Five of Wands (bottom of deck): The battle is here, but we are winning. Our wand is the highest.
Six of Cups (popped out): Sweet and innocent, the balancing of giving and receiving. Also, soulmate energy to love and partnership.


10 of Coins: Long-term wealth, health and abundance.

King of Cups: Matching suit of the Queen of Cups. Divine sacred union. Another card of abundance. Emotional energy will be surfacing.

The Emperor: Power and wisdom. Taking yourself out of the box. There will be new ways of doing things and new solutions.

Hierophant: Taking ourselves out of the boxes of all the things we were taught since we were born and teaching these new ways of light to others.

Five of Cups: Another reminder to be optimistic. We can’t keep going back to the defeat, the repetitive negative energies that play on our thoughts because our thoughts are creating our reality and creating it for everybody. With the Hierophant coming in, we basically get to create our reality and to have that mindfulness and awareness around it. The instant manifester – we are planting the seeds for this harvest, right now. Two fives equals big changes on the horizon, leading into the eclipse season.

The Fool: New beginning jumping into the light. Keeping yourself open, saying yes to change.  Take the leap of faith. Notice when these negative energies come in to lower your vibe, a reminder to have more mindfulness around it so you are able to stop them, let them go and open yourselves up to the new higher frequencies that are here. Un-attaching ourselves to these old stories and old beliefs that has nothing to do with what we have in front of us in this present moment.

Hermit: Go within. The inner work. Shining the light on the shadows. Working on our vibe so we can share that vibe with others. Working on our own self-love, our own self-care and its ripple effects to all, as we are one.

Ten of Wands: The burden is over. New beginning, death and rebirth. We don’t have to hold the burdens for ourselves and others anymore.

The Hanged Man & The Knight of Swords: Enlightenment is coming. Pause, take some time out.  It’s coming faster than expected.

Celebration! (bottom of deck): Walking through the angel number 1111 gate of joy, happiness, and coming together.

Angel Oracle

Cancel, Clear, Delete: Use only positive words and thoughts as they are rapidly manifesting into form.  Ask your angels to clear past negative thinking of ourselves and others.  We are not bringing these low vibes into the new earth.

Vegan/Vegetarian: Choose fresh organic fruits and vegetables which give you high life force energy and which elevates your spiritual frequency.

Heal Away Addictions: They are blocking you from your heart’s desires.

Emotional Sensitivity: Honour and respect your deep sensitivity as it is a gift to us all.

Root Chakra: Choose only positive thoughts as your words determine your outcome.

Decks used:

  • Starseed Oracle by Rebecca Campbell
  • Angel Therapy Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue 
  • The Fountain Tarot 
  • The Field Tarot By Hannah Elizabeth Fofana