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Why I use Amethyst:

I use amethyst in my daily practice with clients, whether it’s a good ol’ reiki sesh or a healing facial!

#1 reason – stress relief! It aids to ward off negative emotions such as depression, anxiety and fear by attracting positive energy encouraging serenity, reducing negative feelings and thoughts.

It elevates healing and well-being by easing pain and increasing comfort.  Sort of like an upgrade to calming the mind and inspire a rejuvenating meditative state.

Why I use Amethyst for the Chakras:

Amethyst activates the third eye, crown and the etheric chakras by boosting cognitive perception, intuition and feeling of connectedness with the oneness of the universe.

Why I use Amethyst for the Skin:

This rock star gem is full of negative ions which infuse the crystals with positive energy that helps oxygenate the skin, reduce inflammation and improve circulation.

Generally, crystals and skin work at an energetic level, everything contains energy.  Crystals provide many healing energies to skin concerns such as inflammation, redness, dehydration, breakouts, hyperpigmentation and fine lines and aging.

By using this high vibe crystal, you will feel a hella lot more calm, revitalized, nourished, relaxed and focused, while it detoxes old energy and advance you to inner peace, where it is the place to be!


I believe in the power of this stone so much that I have paired with
Skin Portal by featuring their amethyst face mask with my brand-new creation the Cosmic Facial, now on summer promo check it out on the facial page.