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Have you been feeling unmotivated or blocked lately? In these great times of the human spirit shifting into a higher awareness it can certainly make us feel like we’re stuck or confused into the unknowing how it’s all folding out for us. 

These are some of the tips I use:

  1. Take a break from your current environment/routine to change the energy.  Go on a new adventure like a road trip, new hike trail or park, beach just try something new.  This will help you reflect and give you a different perspective.  Taking a step back will create a fresh vibration to your life purpose.
  1. Create a space outdoors to fully relax and receive which will naturally have you go within and do the inner work, you will start to see where you are blocked.  Most of the time we are the ones getting in our own way with the limitations and illusions we automatically create without evening knowing it.  A quiet time in nature will always ensure you exactly the answers you are looking for. 
  1. Voice out loud what you are grateful for!  This is the simplest way to change your vibration is to be in a gratitude attitude.  We live in a world where we are conditioned into thinking that never is enough, we aren’t good enough just the way we are and that the next destination will be better, always striving to be better, but we forget to be, and pause and just be so very appreciative to how far we’ve come and for the simple things that are really the most important things. The external material world is a holographic illusion because the truth is that we are all we need, we are enough.  Stop looking for the answers outside of you.  They are all in that beautiful heart of yours. 
  1. Being open and being of the vibration is so key!  If you want abundance, you must be open to receive abundance, if you want peace, you have to be open to receive peace, etc.  It’s all really that easy when we mirror what we wish to experience, it mirrors back to us.  It does take practice, and all the above tips will sure to get you in the abundance flow for you to create your magic.