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Anahata / Heart Chakra

The Heart Chakra is located at the level of the physical heart and is identified by the colour, green. It is associated with the Air Element. It centers around matters of the heart, happiness, truth, peace, love for self and others and romantic love. Physically it deals with the circulatory system, and heart health. This is where the lower three Chakras of our earthly needs meet with the higher three Chakras of our spiritual needs.


You are able to express love towards yourself and others in a healthy way. You feel compassion and empathy and are respectful of others feelings. You have no trouble forming deep and meaningful relationships with others, in which unconditional love exists.

Out of Balance

You may have trouble expressing love in any form and you may be living out of a fear-based place. You may not be expressing yourself sincerely, but are looking for rewards instead. Your capacity for empathy and compassion may be compromised. Lack of self-love and acceptance. Emotional instability.

Body Parts

The heart and circulatory system, upper rib cage, chest, skin, lower lungs. Heart problems can occur as well as respiratory problems such as asthma or allergies when this chakra isn’t properly balanced.

Too Open

Tendency to give all of your time away, overly focused on others so that we neglect our own self

Too Closed

The very core of us suffers, breathing is shallow, metabolism is slow, physical energy is low, self-pity, guilt, circulation problems

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