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Muladhara/ Root Chakra

The Root Chakra is located at the perineum, at the base of the spine. The colour associated with it is red. The wheel opens and spirals downwards and connects our energy to the Earth Element. Survival, stability, independence and earth-based needs are associated with Muladhara and is very much about grounding oneself and about the concept of Being.


You will feel healthy, prosperous, secured, grounded, independent and stable, you have a great connection to nature and trust it.

Out of Balance

You will feel insecurity, fear, violence, anger, eating disorders, anxiety, co-dependency and loss of interest in the most basic needs. You may become distrusting in nature, materialistic and self- serving.

Body Parts

This Chakra is associated with the legs, feet, bones and large intestines. An imbalanced root chakra can express itself in physical malfunctions of these body parts – such as obesity, constipation, knee troubles, anorexia, anemia, lower back pain, depression, sciatica etc.

Too Open

Overly attached, obsessed with money, possessions & health
 and unable to allow change or to let go, stuck in the same routine, job & patterns.

Too Closed

Lack of focus or self-discipline, dependency on others, eating disorder, feeling fatigue or spacey.

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