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Svadisthana/ Sacral Chakra

The Sacral Chakra is just below the navel and is identified by the colour orange. It centers around the sexual energy, creativity and emotions of a person. This fluidity is personified in the Water Element. This Chakra governs the emotions, womb and creation in all its forms.


you are able to embrace polarities and accept change, feel our emotions with fluidity, grace and depth. Receive and give unconditional love. You are creative, sexually healthy and expressive and can cope with stress in a healthy manner. You form sexual and emotional relationships that are healthy, loyal and committed.

Out of Balance

Mood swings, self-rejection, low self-esteem, isolation, addictive behaviors, confusion, envy, anger, blame, resentment ,receiving and giving love is difficult, your adrenals are affected and because you aren’t coping with stress well you may feel overwhelmed and this may express itself as sexual difficulties or emotional distance and suppresses natural needs.

Body Parts

This Chakra are: the adrenals and sex organs as well as the hormonal system, lower abdomen and womb all liquids of the body, kidneys and bladder.

Too Open

Overly attached, obsessed with money, possessions & health
unable to allow change or to let go, stuck in the same routine, job & patterns. tendency to feel everyone emotions, to be overly ruled by ones own emotions, frequent highs and lows.

Too Closed

Feeling flat, dull, lifeless and dry, out of touch with your desires, little desire or passion.


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