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Anyone who knows me, knows I am crystal obsessed! I use crystals everyday as they have made a huge impact in my life and contribute to my success in business. I am super passionate about how they have supported my healing journey, guiding me through my daily struggles, fluctuating emotions, releasing old traumas and stuck energy, raising my vibration and consciousness. At Energy With Julie, we positively work with their mystical magic within our energy healing and natural beauty practice.

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There is a surprising way of working with crystals! You’ll be amazed as to what they can do! Crystals hold a high vibration and a certain frequency, so you can imagine what they can provide for the skin. Read below about how Gua Sha works and how I incorporate this fine healing stone in one of my favourite facials that I offer.

The Nurturing Power of Mama Stone: Embrace the Soothing Energy of Rose Quartz

But first let’s talk about the Mama Stone – Rose Quartz!

Think of all the energies of love, kindness, compassion, tenderness in the beautiful colour of rosy pink. This is the classic love crystal and is legendary for its ability to heal heartbreak, attract new love, open hearts to new levels of forgiveness, compassion and all the unconditional love there is on this planet. With a candy-pink hue, rose quartz is one of the most nurturing crystals in the crystal kingdom. All of life’s many forms of love: for self, romance, family and universal love, are strengthened by the powerful rose quartz. The crystal of Venus, goddess of love and beauty.

Add rose quartz pieces to your bath to transform bathing into a loved-filled, healing ritual. Give it a try!

When feeling emotionally low, place a rose quartz on your chest and visualize a soft pink light filling your heart space and lifting all the heavier energies away.

Linking Skin Energetics with Crystal Therapy

This essential Rockstar is connected to the heart chakra, the lung energy that corresponds to the largest organ in the body – skin! Which means, it is connected to our meridians that are invisible pathways that conduct energy or Chi to feed our organs. When these channels are affected negatively and the energy is blocked, this eventually creates physical ailments where those energy blockages are.

We can clear blockages in our energetic layers through other means of energy healing such as crystal therapy, reiki, and sound healing to name a few. We can avoid disease and inflammation from occurring in the physical body. Blockages that are not addressed can sometimes manifest in a physical manner within two to three years of the original trauma. This affects all planes of emotional, mental and physical well-being and has a huge effect on your skin.

If your skin is irritated, that also means there’s some emotion or trauma stuck in the body that is causing irritation and/or inflammation that needs to be cleared. Energy healing combined with the correct tools and skin care products will get to the deeper root of any skin condition to further heal towards healthier skin.

All About Gua Sha and its Benefits

Rose Quartz Gua Sha tool

Did you know we have 300 lymph nodes in the face and neck? Where they hold fluid affecting the shape of your face and the look of your skin. When we release these fluids with a traditional Chinese healing method by using a smooth-edge crystal tool to stroke your skin providing a lymphatic drainage massage to drain toxins from your skin. This will reduce puffiness, improve circulation, refine discolouration under the eye and manage breakouts.

Say goodbye to dark circles, and dull complexion. You can also contour and sculpt the jawline, cheekbones and soften wrinkles and fine lines.

I use a high-grade rose quartz Gua Sha (although I have other types of Gua Sha tools as well) but I particularly love the specific healing benefits that the pink stone provides during a facial. Why? Because we all need more love!

It has the highest vibration on our Earth. My favourite part of what this restorative tribo-effleurage is that it provides is instant results that you can see!

The Ultimate Gua Sha Facial Experience at Energy With Julie

Gua Sha Facial in Toronto

What sets our Gua Sha Oxygenating Facial apart from others is that we offer an Advanced Pro-B Vitamin-Rich Treatment paired with an Oxygen-Boosting Application. This delivers more oxygen into the skin while also fighting the common signs of aging, purifying the skin, and providing essential antioxidants.

The Gua Sha Oxygenating Facial is the “go-to” treatment to get events or vacation ready or just to treat yourself because you deserve it! If you’re looking for a radiant, dream-worthy glow, to fight the signs of aging, and promote a clear healthy complexion, this is the facial for you. Our treatment vibes with all skin types.

Our Technique for Gua Sha Facial & Lymphatic Massage
  • We start with freshly cleaned skin and apply a detoxifying Pumpkin Seed Oil infused with Sweet Cherry Extract (the scent is a heavenly candied delight) to remove toxins and purify the skin
  • I begin on one side of the face at the neck, applying gentle pressure to ease and soothe any stress or tension buildup in the muscles and lymph nodes.
  • I then move my way up, shaping the jawline and softening the jaw muscles.
  • Next, coining the cheekbones and releasing the fluids by the ear then making my way up to spooning the eye area.
  • I continue up to the forehead, tenderly scraping away all the fluids in the face and bringing them back down into the lymph nodes so they can be flushed out of the system.
  • Comparing the two sides it’s like magic! The side I’ve just worked on visibly shows a difference – it is less puffy, dramatically more sculpted and contoured, with a healthy rosy natural glow in the cheeks.
  • I complete the massage on the other side of the face for the ultimate glow up.

After this lymphatic draining facial massage, it’s important to drink LOTS of water to flush out all of the toxins from the body.

Gua Sha Routine for At-Home Bliss
How to Gua Sha at home

You can also do Gua Sha at home by following my technique above! Add it to your daily routine, ramp up your skincare game to the next level, and reap all the high-vibe therapeutic benefits this tool can offer. You can do it anytime…while relaxing, meditating, or watching your favourite show, etc.

Pro Tips for Optimal Gua Sha Facial Results:
  1. Dealing with puffiness? And/or humid weather in the hot summer months? Keep your Gua Sha facial tool in the fridge, for a very pleasant cooling, de-puffing relief.
  2. Make sure to use a facial oil while using Gua Sha, as you don’t want to tug or pull on the skin which could cause damage to the epidermis. You’ll want a nice slip so it can glide smoothly along the skin.
  3. Not sure how much pressure to apply? Just match the weight of the Gua Sha to how much pressure you should use. Not too much, just the right amount; it should feel progressive, not aggressive.

Whether you’re looking for the red-carpet treatment with our facial treatment, or looking for some at-home extra TLC for yourself, I assure you the Gua Sha crystal will be the perfect tool for you!

All the love,
Julie ♡