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Angel messages coming through…

Counselor Energy: We are all natural teachers to others, and this is to remind us to utilize our gifts wisely as many people benefit from our guidance and reassurance. Sit in quiet and notice the loving guidance you hear inside your mind and from other people (psst… you can even feel and see it too). Comfy and gently goes it, surround yourself with that energy within your environment, situations, and people. Now is not the time to not hold back right now. The timing is perfect; you are ready to soar! So spread those beautiful wings!

Five Of Pentacles: Fell to be the first message that we are walking away from anything that has made us feeling left out in the cold. We had to feel these darker energies to be able to move into the light.

Nine Of Wands: Whoosh, that fire energy is making this feeling move out fast and quickly! Bye-bye to that old 3D energy. Opening up into the expansion of heart consciousness and accessing the light more actively and profoundly.

Ten Of Cups: Happy and joyous everything!!! Celebrate let the good times roll! (One of the best cards in the deck.)

Moving into the LOVERS! This celebration of happy home and happy life energy flowing into the twin flame connections of sweet balanced energies with giving and receiving. Divine Sacred Union is blossoming rapidly to help with the final push of the shift into 5D of sweet, sweet love partnerships! A coming together as two hearts are always better than one.

The abundance of the shift is here with the King of Cups! You have to believe it with faith and optimism even during the most tough emotional and confusing times.

Eight of Cups: Moving on up! It’s happening whether you can see it or feel it!

Ace of Swords, bottom of the deck and the first card in the Quantum Field deck is also the Ace of Swords: Double-powering it up…this message that the Universe is bringing us the gifts of victory and clarity while slicing through the fog with our Clair gifts. Trust more. Lean in. Find the fun and enjoyment again in this now journey. That can’t be any more of a powerful relieving message, fam!

The Six of Disks are of generous, balanced, and sweet giving energy which is working out on our behalf. Trust and believe!

Last card:

Um, I couldn’t be more than thrilled…

And just casually, the messages are so plain and clear…

THE SUN!!! The freakin’ best card in the deck! Happy Everything. Let’s talk about all those 5D energies beaming into the reading of joy, abundance, prosperity, success, fertility, the light, and the warmth. Give it to me, yeah!!! And the fact that we got two of the best cards in the deck—The Ten of Cups—this is OUR time fam, open your arms!

Rejoice. Receive…LOVE WON!

Bottom of the deck with just another amazing message of fulfilment that are all our of cups are being filled with the Nine of Cups.

Tip my cup to yours! Cheers Soul Fam! Ecstatic for these hype-hype energies!!

Thank you for being here ♡


    Tarot Decks used:

  • Archangel Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue
  • Radiant Rider Waite Tarot
  • The Field Tarot by Hannah Elizabeth Fofana